Services & Specialities

2-S provides a flexible approach to your business. This gives you a suitable, improved and total fluid management.

In each project, 2-S will first investigate your metalworking process. Only in this way we can come to the most ideal product choice. Deploying the right metal working fluid, adapted for your business, will result in optimal yield.

This benefits from long tool life, low consumption and lower tooling costs.

Metalworking advice and indepentent research

Due to our years of experience and accumulated expertise, we always offer your company an appropriate advice. After a thorough study and analysis of your editing process, 2-S ensures that you get the most efficient fluids, equipment and / or oils implemented; including related service and aftercare.   

Through our many years of contacts, including various universities and specialized institutions, we can run production-related independent investigations for your company. We can also advise you on mixing and filtering equipment and optimization of business processes.  

Laboratory & Analysis

2-S has the specialists and opportunities for analysis, but also for the development of products. 

We have our own analysis laboratory, where we can test all kinds of fluids and oils on different aspects. For this we use the following facilities for analysis and product development: FT-IR - Microscoop - TG-IR- Interface - GC/ MS - ICP - HPTLC - HPLC

Emulsions and oils can be tested in our laboratory on various aspects, for example: viscosity(bij 40°C), density (bij 20°C), pH value, Microbiology, conductivity, hardness, in- & organic components, polution of metals.

In addition, we can conduct extensive water analysis and material research. These analysis results can be performed on a frequent basis and discussed, e.g. fluidservice.

If you are interested in our analysis services, please contact our specialists in this area per email 

Fluid and service management

We provide a program for cleaning and servicing all your liquids, called Fluid and Service Management; FSM. Together with you, we develop a customized package that will keep your cleaning processes and maintenance in good hands.

The biggest benefits of Fluid and Service Management are: one contact person, stock management (consignment), Just In Time delivery, cost saving, improving your productivity, managing sustainability. In this program we perform checks and measurements. If problems occur the different emulsions are tested in the laboratory. You will get the measurements in graphs. 

Using these measurements lets you keep an eye on where changes occur and whether they are a threat. This way you will always be aware of the exact composition of your fluids and you will be improving your production, lowering the costs, prolonging tool life and quality of your product.

Are you interested in our Fluid and Service Management? Are you looking for more information? Or do you want to schedule a non-binding appointment with us? Feel free to contact us 

ISO 9001 

2-S is an ISO 9001 certified company and this quality marks our approach towards you. We guarantee the correct and timely delivery of both our services and our products. In addition, you as our customer always comes first and foremost with an eye for man and process. Mutual trust is our foundation for a productive and professional relationship with you!