Metal tension

These products are used where lubrication and cooling are required for a good end result. They are applied to grinding, drilling, milling, cutting, sawing, turning and tapping. The choice of product depends on many factors, such as material, processing, machine, water quality and fluid flow.

The denominator METAL TENSION includes the product groups MWS, MWE, MWO and MDO.

Metal deformation

Among the metal formation is a very extensive program for cold, semi-warm and hot distortion. From now pushing, pulling, pressing, bending bending is, these products give maximum lubrication at minimal amounts.

The denominator METAL FORMATION divides us into the product groups MFE and MFO.

Rolling oils

Products covered by the rolling oils are used specifically in rolling operations. These rolling operations, including flat or profile rolling hot or cold, are often complicated. A suitable product must be accurately tailored to the overall processing process.

Under the name ROLLING OILS, the product groups MRO and MRE are included.

Corrosion protection

These products are used where protection against corrosion and external conditions is required. Determining how long and under what circumstances the treated pieces must be protected. Finally, the cleaning process also determines the choice of the product.

Under the CORROSION PROTECTION there are 2 groups: the MPO and MPE products.

Cleaning products

The cleaning product group contains many different types of products for as many applications. They are used for cleaning of "machined" products, from machines to floor. Important for the choice of the product is the material, how it is cleaned and what contamination should be removed.

At the CLEANING PRODUCTS we distinguish two product groups: MCO and MCS.


Additives are the products that are developed to optimize processes. Our ability to analyze and closely monitor liquids often necessitates a change. Thus we maintain the process fluids in a good condition and the systems optimally. Addition of additives will then be used as components in the liquids consumed or if external factors adversely affect the state.

All our OWN ADDITIVES are included in the UMA product group. In addition, we know external additives including the bacterial and fungicides.

Special Hydraulic Fluids

Among this group are the special products that are biodegradable, difficult or non-flammable, water-based and multifunctional. These products are used, for example, in offshore, at waterfields, in locks, excavators, ovens, injection moldings and chipboard and rubber manufacturing.

Under the name SPECIAL HYDRAULIC LIQUIDS we note the product groups MHA, MHC and MHS.