About us

Your technology partner in liquids for the metal industry
Do you use metal processing fluids when processing metals? Then we would like to introduce you to: 2-S, Metal Processing Fluid Expert and the corresponding
fluid service. We have years of experience in this area and can advise you accordingly. Sustainability, reducing environmental pollution and reducing operating
costs are important benefits of efficient fluid management. 2-S helps you realize this.

What can you expect from us?
2-S provides quality control, total fluid service, machine cleaning and drainage and storage of refrigerants and lubricants. 2-S can inspire, advise and support your
company and employees in terms of measurements, total cost of ownership and engineering. Of course, we do this lasting and according to the latest rules and regulations.

Analysis Laboratory

We have our own analysis laboratory, where all kinds of fluids and oils can be tested and measured in various aspects, including: viscosity, chemical and / or mechanical pollution, foam formation, water quality, etcetera.

For this we use the following facilities for analysis and product development:

2-S has an extensive range of fluids from several metalworking producers. You can contact us for cleaners, emulsions, oils, inverters, additives and custom made products if desired. Are you curious about our range, possibilities and lab facilities? Contact one of our specialists.