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During metal machining specialized fluids are often used. 2-S offers both these specialized liquids and the corresponding fluid service. Among these services, we provide quality control, cleaning of machines and improving the drainage and storage of refrigerants and lubricants.


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Metal machining: Criteria for a Perfect Product

February 2017 - 2-S B.V. was pleased and positively surprised that the "Metal machining: Criteria for a Perfect Product" project was nominated for the Inspiration & Innovation Award 2017. The award is a prize for members of the Mikrocentrum High Tech Platform for product innovation, process innovation or business innovation that company or product - in this project a collaboration of members like Mitutoyo, Seco and Inovar of the Mikrocentrum - stands out in the market. A special appreciation for all project partners, but especially acknowledgment that power-sharing of knowledge can lead to innovative results.

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