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In a metal processing company, metalworking fluids are indispensable. 2-S is an ISO 9001 certified specialist company which develops, modifies and delivers metalworking fluids. We provide service, knowledge and our unique Fluid and Service Management programme.

In addition to years of experience, our advanced technologies will always ensure an appropriate solution for your manufacturing process. Whether for (water)miscible metalworking fluids or pure oils, we can always propose the right solution for each metal process.

Efficient fluid management can make a significant contribution to your company by reducing your operating costs and by minimizing the impact on the environment. Additionally, 2-S can help you improve safety and performance of your company. With consciousness for our planet and people, 2-S can also develop an in-house recycling programme within your manufacturing company. We also have on-site R&D facilities and an ADR certified warehouse.

2-S is official partner of Petrofer Hildesheim.
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  • 01-04-2014 | Petrofer Hildesheim enters into a partnership with 2-S

    Integration of Petrofer Benelux into 2-S B.V. Read more »
  • 24-03-2014 | New Legislation and Guidelines

    There will be a number of mandatory and significant changes related to the use and application of our products. Make sure you are informed about the impact for your manufacturing process! Read more »


Stay informed about REACH and other future developments in the metalworking industry

All companies in the metalworking industry are confronted with legislation such as REACH, CLP (Classification, Labelling and Packaging) and ISO, which are faced with increasingly stringent requirements.

If you would like to receive detailed explanations about the impact of this legislation on the environment, quality and health of your employees, or if you have specific questions on the matter, we can support your company in a timely and correct way.

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